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Marc Gasol says he will play against the Spurs, downplays knee injury

Marc man. Marc play. Marc want win. (Yes, in my head, sometimes, Marc Gasol does speak in caveman, but it's one of the really intelligent and well spoken versions.)

Harry How/Getty Images

Tonight's matchup between the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs will feature the best Memphis has to offer.

After much of Grizz Nation blew a gasket over the idea of Marc being injured, specifically his right knee, we now receive the most Gasolian response to the whole situation: Marc doesn't get the fuss.

Marc, in case no one at practice enlightened you today, here's some data that should give you a better idea of why we made a big deal out of an MRI on your knee:

Last year, when Gasol missed 23 games with a knee injury, the Grizzlies went 10-13.

Likewise, the upcoming schedule for the Grizzlies makes Marc's presence on the court that much more important.

We love you, Marc. We want you leading this team to glory. You're kind of a big deal.