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Recapping the Enemy: The View From San Antonio

Find out how Spurs fans reacted to last night's win in Memphis

The following are actual comments gathered from San Antonio forums

Conley and Gasol look great. I really don't see Marc leaving Memphis. If he leaves that team will fall apart.

Well good win tonight against a good team.

Mike Conley is like Tony Parker lite, he's so crafty once he gets into the lane.

Future Spur Gasol is a scoring machine.

Another pretender down, on the road no less. I love it.

But wtf were those Refs doing, Spurs couldn't buy a foul despite being hammered every time they drived to the basket while the Grizzlies got every FTA they wanted...

Memphis 22 game home win streak ended at the hands of the Spurs. No team has won there since February. Nice.

F*****g Spurs have owned the s**t out of Memphis since that upset. Spurs won't let them live their deliberate tanking down.

3 things from tonight's game: Duncan is still the Man. Cory has been impressive. The refs helped Memphis all game.

Always good beating Memphis.

Memphis who? Hahaha we own the grizzlies.