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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Miami

Between all the talk of LeBron leaving and tanking the season here's what Heat fans thought of last night's loss in Memphis. Check out the first comment on Jon Leuer!!!

The following are actual comments gathered from Miami forums.

I found this first comment during the game; I love it.

Now a random white dude is dunking on the Heat. What the f**k???

Getting blown out by the second stringers of Memphis.. Ughh..

guys, would you stop complaining about the rebounds in this game. Because there were no rebounds to get, they scored at will. They have to miss in order for Bosh to rebound...

Memphis killed us today with shooting... they didn't even do that much damage at the rim.

Every shot was wide the hell open but the way Conley gets in the paint at ease and they offensively rebound and get put backs so easily against us, even Tony Allen's lil ass smh.

Zbo and Gasol and Leuer had 2 personal fouls between them in 76 minute combined. 2 fouls??? Zbo gets no fouls? We pressured them not at all. And normally they pick up fouls like mad.

It's so disappointing to see this team lose the same god damn way every god damn time. Every god damn time. It makes no sense.

Only good thing that came from this game is Gasol covering my bet for rebounds and assists. Thanks Marc.

THE FUH? Forgot they have Vince Carter... this could have been worse. Gasol aint even go off.

Some Jon Leuer dude outplayed Bosh though. smh.