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Memphis Grizzlies' center Kosta Koufos on Cleveland's trade radar

Rumor has sprung that the Cavaliers are looking to trade for Kosta Koufos (just days after rumors circulated about their interest in Tayshaun Prince) -- here's how some of GBB's finest reacted.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, ESPN's Marc Stein posted a tidbit on the Cleveland Cavaliers interest in Memphis Grizzlies backup center Kosta Koufos. Stein mentions that the Cavs would look to send Dion Waiters back to Memphis for Koufos. That's immediately an issue to me considering the Grizzlies don't really need another sub-6'6" shooting guard who can't shoot. In case you lost track, the Grizzlies are loaded up on the wing with Tony Allen, Courtney Lee, Quincy Pondexter, and Vince Carter (not even including the recently rejuvenated Tayshaun Prince.)

Aside from Waiters' redundancy, my biggest concern would be the Grizzlies' loss in size and backup options for Marc Gasol. Here's how some others at GBB broke it down:

And, of course, Mullinax took the trade machine to work out some of the kinks for Cleveland:

I think this trade possibility works much better than Koufos for Waiters, but it'd leave the Grizzlies without ANY true option at SF on the roster.

Another option from Hrdlicka is also tempting (KJ!!), but leaves Memphis searching for a big body to spell Gasol in the free agent market.

It's tough to watch Koufos' contract expire without the Grizzlies getting something in return, but with Memphis' record currently standing at 16-4, it's hard to rationalize messing around too much.

What do you all think?