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Quick Recap: Memphis Grizzlies Outlast Dallas Mavericks 114-105

The Grizzlies came out on top against one of the highest-scoring offenses in the NBA in a shootout in which both teams shot over 45 percent from three.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis overcame some hot shooting from the Dallas Mavericks behind a commanding 36-17 third quarter, and the Grizzlies earned one of their most impressive victories of the season 114-105. Here are my three takeaways from the win:

1) The Mavs Shot All the Three-Pointers

The Mavericks were absolutely insane from three-point range. The Mavs shot 10-17 from downtown in the first half alone, and finished 17-39 from deep. Some of the makes were due to smart play design, but they also hit their fair share of pull-up threes and contested looks. Memphis certainly didn't help themselves out, continuously going under screens to leave the Mavs' shooters open, as in this play at the end of the second quarter:

Okay yeah, it is a pretty bad moving screen by Dirk Nowitzki, but Conley made no effort to fight over it, with his intention clearly being to slide under instead. Gasol is late to react, and is too slow to really contest the shot. Plays like this should never happen.

2) The Grizzlies Bullied Their Way to the Free Throw Line

In the first four minutes of the game Marc Gasol was aggressive in taking the ball into the paint and went to the free throw line six times. That really set the tone of the whole game for the Grizzlies, as Memphis pounded their way to the charity stripe throughout the entire 48 minutes. Not only did the Grizz get to the stripe, but they knocked down the shots too, shooting 25-29 from the line. Gasol finished with the most attempts, going 12-13 from the foul line.

3) This Tayshaun Prince Thing is Happening


Poster dunk aside, this was the latest in a string of several productive outings from Tayshaun, who found himself out of the rotation to start the season. Prince finished with 11 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 assists, while shooting 4-9 from the field. He also knocked down two-out-of-three shots from beyond the arc, bumping his three-point percentage on the season up to... over 50 percent?!

Keep doing your thing, Prince.

Tayshaun PRINCE