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Grizzlies' James Johnson's Body Bends Both Ways: Sick Reverse Dunk on the Wizards

He's at it again!

Well, I guess these are just the sorts of things your body can do when you spend most of your life training for competitive martial arts. After curling around an Ed Davis screen (wow he does set them!!! kind of...) the Bloodsport just blows by two Wizards for a clean look at the rim.

What's amazing about this play is that Johnson swings his arms outside (to his left) during the drive to avoid the defender taking a swipe at the ball. This carries his bodily momentum in that direction, and rather than JJ forcing his body back inward towards the rim, he simply let's the momentum ride out that direction and arches his back towards the rim for a swift jam with both arms.

And it looked bizarrely fluid and natural.

I think my favorite part of the video is near the end when Mike Miller is giving props to the Bloodsport: Miller is cheesing from ear to ear at what he just witnessed and Johnson just humbly accepts the praise with a five and a teeny tiny little smirk.

That's not all for you today! Check out this great clip of Super Grizz powerbombing a Wizards' fan in FedexForum last night.

Hardcore WCW fans from the late 90's might remember The Giant (aka Big Show) being arrested for using this finishing move on it's owner, Kevin Nash, who had made the slam so devastating that it was "banned" from WCW.

The Giant would subsequently be actually arrested in Memphis at a later time for apparently showing his junk to a woman in a hotel elevator. These last few sentences of events could only happen in Bluff City, TN.