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Grizzly Bear Blues Live Episode 5 Tonight on BlogTalkRadio

The fifth episode of everyone's favorite Thursday night Grizzlies Podcast airs live at 7 PM CST. Host Joe Mullinax and producer Chris Faulkner will be joined by GBBers Keith Edwards, Joe Witherwax and NetsDaily/Godfather of GBB Tom Lorenzo. Here's how to listen!

Nick Calathes has filled in admirably for the injured Mike Conley
Nick Calathes has filled in admirably for the injured Mike Conley
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We made it through the first 52 games of the NBA season, Grizzlies fans, you can exhale, if only for a moment. In what is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating and energy depleting seasons in the history of the Memphis Grizzlies, the Bears of Beale get a much needed 4 day weekend to rest, recuperate and recharge.

When they return from the All-Star Break, they will be heading in to a period of uncertainty due to injuries and the trade deadline, as well as 30 games that will decide whether or not the Grizzlies will be members of the field of 8 teams in the Western Conference playoffs or if they are like us, watching from home.

On tonight's installment of Grizzly Bear Blues Live, we will be talking about all of these subjects and more. Chris Faulkner and I will be covering all of the above in "Grizzly Bear News", as well as taking your calls in the first two segments. In segment two, Keith Edwards will join the program and discuss the All-Star Break and All-Star Weekend festivities. Segment three will feature the return of Better Know a Blogger with BluesCityJoe, AKA Joe Witherwax, as well as talk of statistics/advanced statistics and their role in evaluating players.

In segment four Tom Lorenzo, now of NetsDaily and formerly of Grizzly Bear Blues, will join the show. With Tom we will particularly discuss the trade deadline and how active or inactive he expects the Grizzlies to be.

All this and more on the fifth episode of GBBLive! Be sure to listen live at 7 tonight either here or on the BlogTalkRadio page, and follow the show on Twitter so that you can be a part of the conversation!

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