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Valentine's Day Bouquets from the Memphis Grizzlies

The roster of the Memphis Grizzlies proudly present you with several options for your Valentine's Day sweetheart(s).

Rock and Wasp
The Leuer

This deluxe bouquet comes with a tacklebox filled with White Chocolate. Unfortunately not opened much since the acquisition of Courtney Lee, so check for spoiled treats.


Photo credit: Timolina

The Conley

A fantastic nightly performance, currently sitting in a cool looking suit on the bench. Should be available to be used in 2 weeks.


Photo credit: Olyina

The Zbo

A Commitment to a city of love. Also features a headband and a strong low post performance.


Photo credit: infinity21

The JJ

This startling newcomer arrives with a fashionable neck tattoo and a full stat sheet. Don't let that dust of the D League throw you, this is a real treat!


Photo credit: Valentin Kolesnicov

The Miller

This well-traveled bouquet has arrived back home, especially good for long-distance lovers.


Photo credit: romakoma

The Tayshaun

Another one for long distances, but maybe you're ready to end it? Say goodbye with this clank of a collection.


Photo credit: jwblinn

The Calathes

A controversial choice, not everyone agrees on it. Are you ambigious in your relationship? Does your partner need a trip to the D League? Send this one if uncertain.


Photo credit: freya-photographer

The Wendigo

For the international lovers, this spicy collection from Spain is for those easy on the hands. A pass-first kind of relationship.


Photo credit: Cora Mueller

The Courtney

A new arrival in our shop, but has impressed everyone. A new love in your life, you want to stick around? The Courtney is the right choice.


Photo credit: Juergen Faelchle