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NBA Trade Deadline: The Memphis Grizzlies Arm Chair GM Rises

What's that, you say? SB Nation is doing a trade theme day? Where we predict deadline deals for our individual teams and the NBA? THIS IS PERFECT!!!!

Ed Davis could possibly be on the move in the next couple of days.
Ed Davis could possibly be on the move in the next couple of days.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

OK, right to it. I'm so excited I can't stand it. Going along with my prediction piece from yesterday, all the Memphis Grizzlies trades will be Ed Davis centric. In no particular order...

Grizzlies Trade #1

Memphis sends Ed Davis and a 2016 2nd round pick (via Toronto) to Charlotte for Josh McRoberts and a 2014 1st round draft pick (via Detroit)

Not the sexiest of trades. It doesn't net the Grizzlies a new SF, it doesn't make a huge impact on the here and the now. What it does is net the Grizzlies another first round draft pick, a potentially valuable one. Detroit's first rounder this season is protected 1-8. If the season ended today, the pick would be #11.

There is little reason to believe that Detroit will fall lower than this, as they are a team with solid young talent. The Grizzlies would have a chance at a lottery pick here, with a worst case scenario of the pick being in the mid to high teens. Considering the group of small forwards that should be available in that spot, this trade makes sense for Memphis.

The Bobcats, who are desperate to make the playoffs in the East and are currently in the 8th spot, get a better rim protector and a player who has shown in starter minutes he can be quite valuable. He is instantly an upgrade at the starting PF spot over McRoberts, who settles in to a bench role on the Grizzlies. He has one more season on his current contract, a player option for about $2.8 million. Good value for a 3rd or 4th big. If he opts out? Freed up cap space, and you still have that first round pick.

Grizzlies Trade #2

Memphis receives Evan Turner and Marcus Morris, Philadelphia receives Ed Davis, Tayshaun Prince, Channing Frye and a 2014 1st round pick from Phoenix (via Washington), Phoenix receives Thaddeus Young and a 2016 2nd round pick from Memphis (via Toronto)

This trade is interesting. Evan Turner is having himself quite the season; he is well above career averages in minutes and points scored. However, his three point shooting leaves much to be desired (29% for the season, 31% career) and his consistency is certainly up in the air. What he is is an upgrade from Tayshaun Prince, a player who could possibly benefit from a change of scenery and being the 4th scoring option on a team fighting for the playoffs in the Grizzlies.

He also will be playing for a contract, as he is a restricted FA heading in to next season. If Memphis likes Turner, they re-sign him and have solved their SF problem. If they don't? Let him walk, and you have freed yourself from the Tayshaun Prince contract in the process. Marcus Morris is a stretch 4 type who can hit the three and help space the floor for a variety of the Grizzlies players.

Philly does the deal because A. They are trying to tank B. They get a solid young and athletic big in Davis C. They get a floor spacer in Channing Frye who can start at the 4 in Young's spot and D. They receive another 1st round pick that they can keep or use in a future trade (Tayshaun Prince's expiring and a 1st on draft night for...)

Phoenix gets the best player in the trade in Thaddeus Young and fills a gaping hole in their front court. Phoenix likely solidifies itself as a Western Conference playoff team with the addition of Young, plus they still hold multiple first rounders in the upcoming draft.


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Grizzlies Trade #3

Memphis receives Arron Afflalo and Kenyon Martin, New York receives Jameer Nelson and Ed Davis, Orlando receives Tayshaun Prince, J.R. Smith, Raymond Felton, a 2014 2nd round pick from New York (via Sacramento) and a 2016 2nd round pick from Memphis (via Toronto)

Memphis does this trade because it garners them a solid SG/SF type in Afflalo and a big in Martin who can split the back-up PF role with Jon Leuer. New York gets an upgrade at the PG position and a young piece in Ed Davis, which is key considering they have almost no draft picks the next few seasons. The Magic get worse, better positioning themselves in the draft while filling spots with cheaper players (Smith, Felton) and get 2 2nd round picks in the process.

General NBA Trade

Houston receives Ersan Ilyasova, Milwaukee receives Jeff Green, Omer Asik and Brandon Bass, Boston receives Caron Butler and Larry Sanders.

The Rockets get an upgrade at the PF position in Ersan Ilyasova, moving Terrence Jones to an effective 3rd energy big off the bench role. Milwaukee basically hits reset, parting with the troubles Larry Sanders, whiny Ilyasova and Caron Butler to get a young scorer in Jeff Green, a defensive center in Asik with one year left on his deal heading into next season (hello Joel Embiid) and a PF to fill Ilyasova's role with Bass, or a PF who can back up John Henson, giving him more minutes.

Boston gets another expiring contract in Caron Butler and a monster defensive presence at center when focused in Larry Sanders. With Sanders at center, Jared Sullinger at PF and Rajon Rondo at PG, there is a core to build on there. Plus, some cap room to work with heading in to next season and still all the first rounders from the Brooklyn deal.

Think any of these trades are particularly brilliant/realistic/genius? Think you can do better? Add in whatever trades you can come up with for the Grizzlies or the NBA in general in the comment section below and join in the trade deadline fun!