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GBB Theme Day Spoof: The Grizzlies cast in Wes Anderson's Rushmore

Nick Laham

Grizzlies Mount Rushmore Casting

Nick Calathes as Max Fischer

Underachieving and misunderstood, Max Fischer has failed to find his footing to take hislife to the next level. Under the guidance of new friend Herman Blume, Max gains some confidence.

The promise has been there for Calathes, but the execution in the opening half of this season has not been fulfilled, since gaining some confidence due to mentoring and minutes played, Calathes is ready to be crowned that backup PG position with no hesitation.

Tony Allen as Herman Blume

Exhausted beyond his years, millionaire weirdo Herman Blume has seen "the shit" and can't wait to get away from everything. Meeting Max brings some youthfulness to his life and finds that he was a mentor inside, just waiting for the right pupil.

Remember the way TA mobbed Calathes after the defense against the Wizards? That was some "You did it like I showed you" type love. Taking the younger, struggling guard under his wing has really helped in the weeks without Conley.

Dave Joerger as Dr. Nelson Guggenheim

Frustrated by Max's shenanigans, Dr. Guggenheim is eventually lead to a stroke because he is unable to contain his disdain.

Joerger face was in full effect earlier this year. Even that goatee couldn't hide it.

Mike Conley as Rosemary Cross

The romantic rival between Max and Herman.

Conley probably has the game that both of them want (to an extent) and that brings out admiration for him and competition amongst themselves.

Jon Leuer as Dirk Calloway

Max's best friend when no one else seemed to care. His Poncho Villa to Max's Don Quixote. Willing to chase the windmills with Max, but is more cautious and has a better world vision than Max.

C'mon, you know these two are buddies.

Courtney Lee as Margaret Yang

A late­comer into Max's story, but someone who accepts Max for who he is and takes pressure off him when the situation outweighs him.

Nick's pressure to perform got a lot smaller once the talented Lee was entered into the fold.

Marc Gasol as Bert Fischer

The elder Fischer is more easy going and just wants Max to have a good time, knowing how hard life has been for him.

Wendingo just wants everybody to be happy guys!

Zach Randolph as Magnus Buchan

Initially a rival of Max's, we discover that Magnus was only upset at not being included in Max's plays, once that is remedied, they become friends.

Have you seen the way Zbo was looking at Nick earlier this year? Only Koufos gets more stank face.

Jamaal Franklin as Dr Peter Flynn

Appears briefly in three scenes.

Yeah, that sounds about right.