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Joerger says Conley and Gasol to start for Memphis Grizzlies vs New York Knicks tonight

Kevin C. Cox

The Memphis Grizzlies will have their two franchise players on the court together for the first time in February tonight against Carmelo and the Knicks. Grizzlies sideline reporter Rob Fischer got the word from Big Spain and Dave Joerger themselves:

It sounds like it would take a large dose of rhinoceros-grade tranquilizer to keep Marc Gasol off the floor tonight. You've got to love the Spartan attitude from Marc (and others throughout the season), but if he's forced to wear a bulky knee brace we could be witnessing the uglier side of Gasol's game against the Knicks tonight.

"Robo-Marc" isn't a comfortable-looking player and can be incredibly hesitant on offense, and the Grizzlies may need some efficient scoring this evening if the Knicks get hot.

Mike Conley, on the other hand, has likely had enough reasonable time to recover from and rehab the ankle sprain he suffered almost three weeks ago. I've enjoyed watching Nick Calathes sprout into a delightful seedling of a point guard, but it's time for Money Mike to come back into the mix and get the Grizzlies on track for a serious run in the coming weeks.