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Listen to the Live Game Recap of the Grizzlies win over the Knicks in Memphis

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzlies 98, Knicks 93

If you missed the live broadcast of our recap of the Grizzlies win over the Knicks, fear not, it's available for listen right here in our Blog Talk Radio player, or at our GBBLive site on Blog Talk Radio.

Keith, Ryan and myself discussed each player's performance, the keys to the Grizzlies' victory and a host of other topics like how Ryan would pay LeBron James $50 million and how Keith sported a gold-colored mohawk for the better part of a decade.

It was a fun jollymeander through the rapture of tonight's win along with the expectations for the Grizzlies as we head into the last couple of months of the season.

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