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Tony Allen wants to keep team chemistry, no problem coming off the bench this Friday vs Clippers

The sort of class act we've come to expect from Tony Allen, the Grindfather.


Commercial Appeal beat writer Ron Tillery caught up with Tony Allen today to find out that, barring setbacks, the Grindfather will suit up and play actual basketball on a court during an NBA game this Friday vs the LA Clippers.

Tony also touched on the trade deadline:

It's this attitude, specifically, that makes Tony Allen invaluable and probably keeps him in Beale Street Blue. He knows how the rumors operate, expand and collapse so that's not going to be an issue as far as distracting Tony while he gets back into playing form.

If anything, TA will end up using a bench role to drive him to become the ferocious animal that haunts the nightmares of NBA guards around the league. Go harder, TA.