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Memphis Grizzlies stand pat through the NBA trade deadline

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The blur of tweets and alerts has spun us all into NBA delirium over the past several days, but the storm has come and gone, and the Memphis Grizzlies roster stood like a statue through the mayhem.

There was no swapping of late 2nd round picks or trades of European players who probably forgot someone in the U.S. even owned their rights. No salary dumps or sly upgrades. The most action we experienced as Grizzlies fans was the inflation of a feeble rumor a couple of days ago with the Minnesota/Prince/Allen scare.

So, what now?

Let's celebrate!

Celebrate the fact that the Grizzlies did not need to make a move before the deadline. They were the vendors standing by their wares and waiting for customers to come make offers instead of the frantic buyers trying to pick out the best looking steak left in the case at 7:00pm on Valentine's Day (it's not a pretty). The Awakening of Nick Calathes really afforded them the opportunity to be passive over the past week, something worth celebrating on its own.

The truth is the Grizzlies really didn't want to sell anything other than Tayshaun Prince, and if they were going to accomplish that feat it would have come with the expense of a solid asset whose exit would probably outweigh the entrance of the player(s) they got in return.

But you have to wonder what their plans are for Ed Davis, a guy who has shown the ability to consistently produce this season while having his minutes strangled out by a great year from ZBo, Kosta Koufos and James Johnson's ability to play the 4-spot against small lineups. It would be a damn shame if the Grizzlies miss out on a chance to either maximize Davis' potential playing on the court for the Grizzlies and/or a chance to maximize the return on him in a trade, but I have to assume the Griz FO has contingencies laid out for all these scenarios. They haven't let me down yet.

We've still got the ole Cherry Tree hanging around the roster, but maybe the trade rumors will inspire some solid play from him throughout the remainder of the season and bolster his value for the offseason market. I've got hope that Dave Joerger can maximize our roster, especially with everyone finally getting "healthy", and perhaps he'll be able to shield Prince's weaknesses more efficiently as he continues to get comfortable in the head coach role.

What do you all think? Is there a move that you regret the Grizzlies not making? How far do you think this roster can take us?