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James Johnson assists himself off the backboard with a huge slam

Grizzlies 102 - Clippers 96

The Grizzlies managed to win another game in which the free throw stats alone should dictate that they lose. Awful officiating aside, the Grizzlies got great production from many players tonight including 43 points off their bench compared to the Clippers 7, yes seven.

Tony Allen's return was a huge spark for the whole building, and James Johnson decided it was time to show everyone just all the tricks he has in his bag. Mike Conley had an off night, but you can blame most of that on his early foul trouble. Mike Miller hit some huge shots and Kosta Koufos was very efficient in his time in. So many good things to build on in this one.

This team looks like a loaded machine with it's full roster (+ Courtney Lee and James Johnson) now available to play, and you'd expect things to get even crisper as players continue to get healthier - as long as we can utilize the whole roster to keep guys fresh.

No time for worries right now though! The Grindhouse was thumpin' and now Beale Street is probably electric with debauchery and jubilation.

The Memphis Grizzlies are back and have a full metal jacket. Watch out NBA. You're probably going to have another low seed that no one wants to play.