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Live Game Recap of Memphis Grizzlies at Charlotte Bobcats at 9:00PM CST with Grizzly Bear Blues


The GBB Recap Crew is back to it again tonight, folks. Keith, Ryan and myself will hop on Blog Talk Radio at 9:00PM CST to react to the game and recap the action of the Grizzlies matchup in Charlotte.

But wait, there's more!

We'll also be taking your calls tonight in the later part of the show (once we all get our chatty chat out) so polish up your phone, clear your throat and bring your best energy to the Live Recap!

Memphis Grizzlies at Charlotte Bobcats Live Game Recap with Grizzly Bear Blues

Parental Advisory: There could be mild adult humor and language accompanying the Live GBB Game Recaps. We're not obscene, but we're also pretty weird.