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GBB Memphis Grizzlies Stats of the Week

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Some of the stories being told by the numbers last week (vs Knicks, vs Clips, at Cats):

  • Average of 96.33 points scored per game
  • Average of 93.66 points allowed per game

The Good

  • Total of 146 points in the paint (48.66 per game)
  • Total of 21 blocks (7 per game)
  • Opponent's average 3-point percentage - 30.46%
  • +2.66 pt differential in points off turnovers per game

The Ugly

  • Total of 23 offensive rebounds (7.66 per game)
  • Total of 76 personal fouls (25.33 per game)
  • 41.1% shooting from the starters (67/163)
  • Three point shooting outside of Mike Miller - 20.83%

Player of the Week

Mike Miller - 14.3 PPG, 64.3% from the field, 57.1% from three

Disappointment of the Week

Courtney Lee - 8.66 PPG, 35.3% from the field, 25% from three

Why are you on the team? of the Week

Ed Davis - 17 minutes played (5.66 per game)


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