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Grizzly Bear Blues Live Archived Episode 7 Available for Download Here!

The special Tuesday night episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live was another great show! Joe Mullinax, Chris Faulkner, Trisity Miller and Andrew Ford discussed the Clippers and Bobcats games, vintage video games and much more! Listen to the program in its entirety below!

Nick Calathes was a topic of conversation on this episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live!
Nick Calathes was a topic of conversation on this episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live!
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The February 25th edition of Grizzly Bear Blues Live was the largest live audience in the show's brief history, beating out even the inaugural episode less than 2 months ago! Thank you all so much for your support of the program; its continued success and growth is dependent on you, the listener, and we hope to continue to improve and develop the program moving forward.

If for whatever reason you missed this week's show, you can listen in the player below. Chris Faulkner returned to the program last night and brought his "A" game, having great insights and information about Nick Calathes' success with shooters like Mike Miller, the Grizzlies' current status in the Western Conference and what must happen for Memphis to reach the postseason. Trisity Miller was a great guest on "Better Know a Blogger"; listen to that segment to hear who inspired her to write and what rodent-inspired video game is her all-time favorite!

Finally, Andrew Ford joined us for the last 10 minutes of the program and provided awesome looks into the struggles of the Grizzlies last Saturday against the Bobcats and helped us preview the next 5 games for the Grizzlies leading up to the next episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live. We all agreed that 4-1 should be the expectation and that in order for Memphis to gain ground in the West 3-2 would not be a disaster but also wouldn't be good, especially after the Charlotte loss.

All of this and more on this week's episode! Be sure to listen in the player below or on the BlogTalkRadio site, whose link is below. Also, follow Grizzly Bear Blues Live on Twitter and be on the look out for the next episode on its regular night Thursday, March 6th!

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