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Grizzlies CEO Jason Levien on Sports56, Memphis looks to fill final roster spot and bolster PG depth

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Levien went on Sports56 Middays in Memphis this afternoon and gave out some nice tidbits. Greg and Eli initially discussed the Grizzlies' last spot on the roster and Levien told them that they'll probably use it to add another player. Levien specifically mentioned that they'd like to be deeper at the PG position going into the playoffs, someone with "a different flavor," as he put it.

That naturally flames some of the fire surrounding the speculation that the Grizzlies should go after the recently bought-out Jimmer Freddette. We'll keep all our eyes and ears out for you in case something develops on that front.

Some other nuggets from the interview:

  • James Johnson was a standout talent as they perused the D-League, natural fit for the team.
  • Their desire to add flavor/depth/umami to the PG spot is not necessarily an indictment on Calathes. They like having options at every position.
  • Levien and Co. want Zach Randolph around for a long time. They'll most likely be looking to work out a deal where he declines his player option next season and gets an extension that's more friendly to the salary cap.
  • They really like Dave Joerger and the way he's growing into the job.