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Memphis Grizzlies vs LA Lakers Live Game Recap with GBB

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Ring the dinner bell, Ma! It's time for another serving of Live Recap goodness from your effervescent Recap Crew at Grizzly Bear Blues. You-ins all need to head on over to Blog Talk Radio after the game or just activate the player below, specifically at 10:00PM Central Standard Time, to check out our latest reactions to our Men of Beale Street.

We hope to be bringing you another victorious edition of the Live Recap, and what better chances than against the worst team in the conference?

Current Basketball Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Grizzly Bear Blues Live on BlogTalkRadio

And to loosen up your funny bone. (hat tip to Andy Livingston)

Kroll Show - The Legend of Young Larry Bird (via Comedy Central)