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Grizzly Bear Blues Blog Meet Up - What do you envision?


My how things have grown around here. This time last year it seems like there were just a handful of us around here chatting up the Grizzlies, making MulliGrizz jokes and fending off Spurs trolls like it was the the Battle of Helmsdeep.

As you all have helped grow the site we now have hundreds of comments in gamethreads and people from all over the world coming to our little nook to talk about their favorite NBA team. While I think it's amazing and inspiring to see the Grizzlies Globetrotters that makes their way to GBB, this post is for some of the more regionalized members (or those with big wallets for plane tickets.)

Keith and I have bounced this idea around for a while, and now it's time to see what can be realized outside of the confines of 1's and 0's.

But before we plan and stake out our territory for such a brouhaha, let's gab out some ideas to narrow down our possible preferences. Tell me what you all are thinking.

  • Time, day of week, month - I'm really open to anything
  • Location - here's the trickier part, it's obvious very flexible, but my preference would be Midtown/Downtown
  • Event - do we want to try and actually go to a game? or just organize a watch party somewhere? or heck, if people want to go bowling or shopping or get mani/pedi's - I'll make it happen.
  • Who do we vote out and reject from this opportu..... just kidding. You're all welcome.
Please voice your thoughts! Obviously, if people don't show much interest then this is something we'll just simmer on for a while.