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Grizzlies announce James Johnson neck tattoo game giveaway

The Grizzlies are giving away fake 'GRIZZLIES' neck tattoos in honor of the beloved James Johnson. Can you say best game giveaway ever?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Grizzlies have announced that they will be giving away fake neck tattoos that say 'GRIZZLIES' in honor of James Johnson to the first 5,000 fans that make it inside the FedEx Forum when the Clippers roll into town on February 21st, 2014.

As many of you may know, Johnson got a neck tattoo that says "NAYMIN 3.9.13" after his son was born prematurely and battling for his life last March.

Kudos to the Grizzlies marketing team for coming up with this ingenious giveaway. Rally flags, t-shirts, and bobbleheads are cool, but I guarantee no other NBA team is giving out a fake neck tattoo this season. The freakin' Memphis Grizzlies, y'all.

A picture of the fake neck tattoo can be seen below.

Again, only the first 5,000 in attendance will get one, so be sure to get down to the Forum early on February 21st.