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Mike Conley wants to return to play in Grizzlies vs Wizards, Tony Allen not expected back until after break.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The week preceding All-Star weekend might provide a welcomed sight for Memphis Grizzlies' fans. Mike Conley himself has come out and said that he'd like to return to play in the Grizzlies home game versus the Washington Wizards on Tuesday.

This would obviously be a better scenario for Memphis trying to put a lid on John Wall. Nick Calathes isn't deplorable on defense, but I'd much rather match elite athleticism with elite athleticism.

And many thanks to Ron Tillery for prying out some new information on the Wayward Grindfather that is Tony Allen. His return isn't imminent, but it's nice to hear something besides "it's still the same as last time I told you it was still the same."

While it is refreshing to hear Tony Allen's name again, that statement still doesn't technically rule out "he could miss the rest of the regular season." Oy. If you had told me TA would miss 1/4 of the season I'd definitely have wagered it would be something with his knee - not his wrist/hand. Heal up Grinddaddy, heal up.