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Memphis Grizzlies Daily Playoff Standings - Back in the Picture!

Your daily update on the Grizzlies playoff hopes.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Western Standings

San Antonio Spurs 62 46-16 .742
Oklahoma City Thunder 63 46-17 .730
Houston Rockets 63 44-19 .698
Los Angeles Clippers 64 44-20 .688
Portland Trail Blazers 63 42-21 .667
Golden State Warriors 64 40-24 .625
Dallas Mavericks 64 38-26 .594
Memphis Grizzlies 62 36-26 .581
Phoenix Suns 62 36-26 .581
Minnesota Timberwolves 62 31-31 .500
Denver Nuggets 62 27-35 .435
New Orleans Pelicans 63 26-37 .413
Utah Jazz 63 22-41 .349
Sacramento Kings 63 22-41 .349
Los Angeles Lakers 64 22-42 .344

Hey folks, as of right now the Memphis Grizzlies are in the NBA Playoffs! The Phoenix Suns lost late last night to tie up their overall record with the Grizzlies which allows Memphis to leapfrog into the 8th seed with a tiebreaker over the Suns.

The Grizzlies have no room for error, however, and need to keep it in 5th gear for this week as Phoenix (3 games) and Dallas (2 games) both have abbreviated schedules, although the Suns and Mavs each have a Westy Big Boy to deal with, the Clippers and Warriors, respectively.

The Grizzlies look ahead to a double dose of back-to-backs this week, the first coming on Tuesday and Wednesday with a home game vs. Portland and an away game in New Orleans, and finish up this week with their 3rd-consecutive-weekend-B2B on the road at Toronto and Philadelphia.

Recaps of games that affected the Grizzlies playoff hopes last night:

Warriors reach into postseason bag of tricks; beat Suns 113-107

Mavericks Final Score: Dallas outlasts Indiana, 105-94