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Game Recap: Grizzlies are 20th in a row to destroy the 76ers

The Grizzlies laid waste to the worst team in the NBA on Saturday night. It was sloppy at times, but Memphis executed like a playoff team and finally gave fans another easy night on their cardiovascular systems.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Grizzlies: A Gazillion - Sixers: Meh

I always love the games where every player on our roster scores a point. Its night's like Saturday's in Philly where Hamed Haddadi would have gloriously fouled out in his 15 minutes played and finished with 6 pts and 8 rebounds.

There's not a lot to discuss about what went on the court last night with the Grizzlies and Sixers. While I watched with my in-laws while celebrating my father-in-laws retirement from 25 years with the Memphis Police Department, I found myself extremely relaxed and enjoying the spectacle on court. Make no mistake; this game won't be going into the archives under anything but "open in conjunction with the Ark of the Covenant" as each team amassed a putrid 22 turnovers a piece, but it was really fun, finally, to watch the Grizzlies bury a team using 90% effort for 75% of the game.

The Story in Minutes

Just how handedly did Memphis win this one? Beno Udrih, Ed Davis and Jon Leuer played over 13% of the total minutes for the night - Ed Davis with a whopping 20 minutes played on a professional basketball court! For those of you keeping track, Ed hasn't played that much since January 15th against Milwaukee, the other worst team in the league. Boss guy (we're still working our way back to Big Boss Man) played very efficiently, too, almost putting up a double-double with 9 points, 11 rebounds, 2 blocks and a steal.

Bloodsport out of Season?

Even the mysteriously demoted James Johnson got some garbage time burn and pulled out a few incredible highlight plays. Like most Grizzlies fans I love seeing that guy come out onto the court, and like most fans I'm not exactly sure what's going on with his playing time other than him being the odd-man-out with TA, Prince and Miller holding on to health for the moment.

  • Is this the front office's way of making him cheaper to re-sign in the offseason?
  • Is his play too much of a wild card for Joerger to trust?
  • How does this affect JJ mentally, knowing that you're only going to be called on when the team looks flat or when the game is out of hand?

These are the questions I'm asking and whose answers I seek in these last couple of weeks in March. Well, I left out one very pertinent question: Does it really matter as long as we keep winning at our current rate?

A Night for Funz

Besides the Griz annihilating a team on the road, it was very enjoyable to watch the Grizzlies also have fun during this game. I think Zach Randolph wore a smile for 90% of the game. Marc Gasol was having his type of fun which includes keeping his teammates focused and sharply executing (which was important for him to do with a 5-turnover-night).

Mike Conley was back to his freakishly athletic self and couldn't stay away from the FT line or help himself from launching from downtown throughout the night. When Mike plays loose everything else seems to fall nicely into place.

It was fun to watch Tony Wroten try to show up his old teammates while we watched a confident Nick Calathes run things in his place. Wroten finished the night with a nice stat line that is heavily inflated by the Grizzlies... hmm ... how to put this... not caring when he had the ball? Several times I watched Wroten go coast-to-coast without so much as an arm being raised up in front of him. Maybe the Grizzlies placed a wager on him getting to the FT line, or maybe they just chose to save their energy for taking advantage of the constant blunders that the Sixers were committing.

We also had some interesting twitterdom after the game as Keith Edwards tried to pinpoint the person that dropped the S-Bomb during the Grizzlies broadcast.

I know I heard it, and for some reason also thought it was Tuoy. TA makes a lot more sense, however, and as someone who uses in and every word available to describe his emotions and thoughts I enjoy hearing my sports heroes reacting and behaving like "normal" people. Hey, there's a lot of NBA players out there who wouldn't even experience remorse for knocking over someone's drink.

But wait, there's more!

Our own HiraiKen has the official grades for the game last night, and everyone should get used to seeing his grades for this season because we've officially brought HiraiKen on board the GBB staff! Kiwi-Power!

We also saw a triumphant return of the Live Recap to the Blog Talk Radio digi-waves last night. Keith Edwards and Ryan Hoover have over an hour of ear-butter for you all to enjoy in the player below, or head over to our Blog Talk Radio page to download the show for later listening.

Up next, Jazz Trap

The Grizzlies have two days off before hosting the Utah Jazz in FedexForum. This will be labeled as a trap game because of the opponents lined up after them, the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, but I suspect the Memphis Grizzlies had their fill of "taking it easy" last night in Philly and should come out firing against the Jazz in front of a hungry home crowd that hasn't seen their Beale St. Bears play in person in over a week.

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