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Grizzlies Grades: Utah Jazz at Memphis Grizzlies

Jazz 86 - Grizzlies 96


Zach Randolph : (A-) 36 MIN 21 PTS 8-16 FG 11 REB 3 AST 3 TO, +16

People question his age and that he is no longer an efficient player, while Zbo just continues to pile up the numbers. Another double-double along with clutch baskets to finish off the Jazz in crunch time shows that although he may no longer be the best player on the team, he is still the most dependable and most consistent.

Tayshaun Prince : (D+) 29 MIN 4 PTS 2-7 FG 1 REB 1 AST, +6

If losing his matchup against Richard Jefferson isn't bad enough, how about some point blank missed layups and botched finishes around the rim? Our own Joe Mullinax mentioned Prince's "Two Ls" on his article, in this game the two Ls stands for "Lack of any resemblance of a game" and "Loss of motivation to contribute". Unacceptable production that continues to puzzle Grizzlies fans why he is featured so heavily in the rotation.

Marc Gasol : (A-) 37 MIN 20 PTS 6-14 FG 10 REB 3 AST 4 BLK, +4

Gasol was eager to show young Favors and Kanter whose the boss on Beale street, showing a dizzying array of post moves along with solid playmaking plus suffocating team defense. He is finally rounding into pre-injury Gasol and his best is yet to come. Marc will be eager to face his next challenges in Bosh and Hibbert, bring it on!

Courtney Lee : (B-) 29 MIN 8 PTS 4-8 FG 2 REB 3 STL, 2 TO, +6

CLee is cooling off big time beyond the arc even though he had several good looks from the corners. It's time for the Grizzlies to heat up again from deep as it will be a crucial weapon to prevent the Heat and Pacers from collapsing on our big men. Lee played some pesky defense and was able to get into the key with ease, a sure and steady performance overall.

Mike Conley : (B+) 33 MIN 18 PTS 7-15 FG 4 REB 7 AST 3 STL 2 TO, +6

Apart from the threes that weren't falling, Conley played a well rounded game. Controlled the tempo well and was very disruptive defensely, forcing multiple mistakes from the Jazz PGs. Offensively he was able to attack the basket with ease, still lacking the finishing touches on occasions but starting to get more consistent with his contributions once again.


Tony Allen : (C+) 19 MIN 10 PTS 3-8 FG 4 REB 2 STL 2 TO, +4

Missed several chances at close range that he hasn't been missing since his return from injury. With his athletic ability he should be finishing his shots strongly and above the rim, but often times TA chooses to be more acrobatic and ends up releasing the ball far below the rim on his way down. Made all his free throws which is a positive sign.

Nick Calathes : (C+) 15 MIN 2 PTS 1-4 FG 2 REB 3 AST, +4

His recent development in his playmaking has given him a 4.78:1 assist-to-turnover ratio during March, which is tops in the league. Currently he reminds me of a poor man's Steve Nash (without the shooting), slow and methodical drives to the key but very little a defender can do due to his size and ability to find his teammates. Now, about that jumpshot.....

Mike Miller : (C+) 19 MIN 6 PTS 2-5 FG 2 REB 3 AST, +4

Took his fair share of shots and sprinkled some nice passes and rebounds into his court time, his defensive liability is probably best hidden within the starting lineup (hint hint).

Kosta Koufos : (B+) 14 MIN 7 PTS 3-4 FG 7 REB, +2

On a per-36-minutes basis, Kosta is averaging 14.0 PPG, 11.3 REB, 1.8 BLK and 5 Fouls a game. A true stat stuffer and high activity level guy that just loves to get in amongst it. His usual high energy and penchant for offensive rebounds was a huge thorn on the Jazz.

Jon Leuer : (C-) 8 MIN 0 PTS 0-0 FG 3 REB 1 BLK, -2

Almost didn't realise he was in the game as he looked oddly passive on offense and didn't look for his shot. His role in the team is mainly to bring a spark on the offensive end so needs to launch a few to keep his defender honest. Perhaps 8 minutes of court time was too little to find his rhythm but Leuer should be used to this type of gig by now.


Utah Jazz : (C+)

After a clanker of a 1st half where nothing was falling, the young Jazz woke up and started to dribble penetrate their way back into the game at the start of the 3rd and most of the 4th quarter. However, just as youthfulness was able to bring them back into a 84-84 tie, it also showed why they have the worst record in West as the Grizzles put the clamps on the Jazz, the pressure mounted and the game went out of hand for them fairly quickly. It's going to be a massive challenge for the Jazz to rebuild in the brutal West, will be extremely difficult for them to get in the Playoffs picture for some years to come.