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Memphis Grizzlies throttle Indiana Pacers, 82-71

The Grizzlies defense just gets scarier and scarier, holding Indiana to a season low 71 points.

That's more like it. After a disappointing finish in Miami, the Grizzlies took out their frustration in front of a packed house against the top seeded Indiana Pacers.

Quick Recap

After a lackluster 19-17 first period, the Grizzlies went supernova in the second quarter. Mike Miller had 13 in the quarter -- matching the Pacer's team total -- on 4-6 shooting from three. Mike Conley and Zach Randolph led the starters in scoring, and Marc Gasol, coming off a tweaked ankle, looked focused and aggressive as ever (he was +16 on the night).

The Grizzlies played their best defensive game in recent memory, holding the Pacers to 30 first half points and 71 total, a season low for the Pacers. They created 18 points off 12 turnovers, and were as disruptive as they've been all year on the interior, holding Indiana to just 24 points in the paint.

The second half was comparatively quiet, but in a pillow-smothering kind of way. The Pacers threatened to get within single digits midway through the fourth, but the Grizzlies put it away without drama and now hold a 1 game lead on 9th-place Phoenix (inactive tonight).