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Grizzly Bear Blues Live Featuring 3SOB's Phillip Dean and 92.9 ESPN's Ben Hogan Tonight on BlogTalkRadio!

The Grind carries on tonight at 7 PM CT on Grizzly Bear Blues Live! On this installment of GBBLive we welcome Chris Faulkner, Phillip Dean and Ben Hogan on to discuss the past week and the week ahead for the Memphis Grizzlies! Check out how to tune in!

Just how healthy is Mike Conley? We discuss that and more tonight on GBBLive!
Just how healthy is Mike Conley? We discuss that and more tonight on GBBLive!
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another great episode of GBBLive! On tonight's episode, host Joe Mullinax will be talking the latest "Grizzly Bear News" with managing editor of Grizzly Bear Blues Chris Faulkner in the first segment.

Segment 2 will have Executive Producer of 3SOB Radio and writer for Phillip Dean joining the show to discuss roster health, Tayshaun Prince's impact and the past week in Grizzlies basketball.

Finally, in segment 3 the producer of 92.9 ESPN Radio's "Eric Hasseltine Show" Ben Hogan comes on the podcast and will take a look ahead to the next week of games and fan frustrations in the face of winning basketball games.

All this and more on this week's installment of Grizzly Bear Blues Live! Be sure to follow Grizzly Bear Blues Live on Twitter, check out our GBBLive page on BlogTalkRadio to listen tonight or listen in the player below. Also, check out our great sponsor Audible using this URL! Sign up for a month free trial, get a free audio book credit and help make a difference as GBBLive makes a donation to St. Jude Children's Hospital with the proceeds.

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