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Grizzlies' oddly inefficient 4th quarter against the Warriors sank their boat

Remember the stats from my preview yesterday? The Warriors scored 100 pts and guess what happened.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzlies 93 - Warriors 100

There were 4:00 minutes left in the game last night and the Grizzlies had what appeared to be a comfortable lead going into the final stretch of the 4th quarter. Memphis and Golden State had been trading the lead back-and-forth all game like it was inside a pinball machine (the game had been tied 14 previous times before the final 4 mins).

It looked like the Grizzlies were going to make their usual late-game checkmate as Mike Conley stoked his fires and nearly single-handedly gave Memphis the separation they needed from Golden State to finish out the game. Perhaps that fall Conley took earlier in the game caught up to him; maybe the ibuprofen wore off, tightness set in and Mike ran out of the magic juice that allowed him to perform incredibly for most of the final quarter. But I can't say that he got much help from his cohorts.

Mike Conley was the only Grizzly to make more than (1) one field goal in the 4th. Marc Gasol's turnover and two fouls didn't really grease the wheels, Tony Allen matched all of his treats with tricks and was pulled for Courtney Lee in the final 1:21, James Johnson looked out of rhythm and probably is since he gets 6-7 min of garbage time these days, Mike Miller played the entire fourth quarter and took (1) one shot - in fact, that was the only shot Miller took during his 24 minutes and 32 seconds of playing time. I'm almost positive that we don't need Mike Miller playing the Tayshaun-Prince-role (I know, Tay had a pretty good game last night) because we've already got that locked in for 20-30 minutes a game.  When Tony Allen shoots 7X as many shots as Mike Miller the Grizzlies are not going to win, period.

It was hard to combat the atomic fires of Stephen Curry, and I can't say the Grizzlies left him wide open last night. If there was separation or space when Curry shot it was because he created that space himself. The guy is nothing short of incredible, and consistently so might I add. Every time we play the Warriors, win or lose, it seems as though Curry puts on a clinic of some sort, and I'm reminded of the sheer horror of the 2009 NBA Draft, you know ... the one where we didn't take James Harden or Stephen Curry.

I suggest doing something fun today. Indulge yourself in a pleasure you normally moderate more closely. Get the extra 4 chicken wings, go with the Woodford Reserve instead of the Benchmark, go ahead and buy the 1200 thread count sheets instead of the 900. Scheduled to work tonight? Nope. You're calling in sick.

It was a disappointing loss spawned from a very disappointing finish to the game from a Grizzlies team that usually excels in those situations. I expect them to come out to MODA Center tomorrow and wipe the floor with the Blazers. Angry Grizzlies are good Grizzlies, and the slide back into the 8th seed doesn't give them much of a choice right now.