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Memphis Grizzlies Rankings: Who should take the last shot? Courtesy of Grizzly Bear Blues &

Which Grizzlies player has the best combination of skills to score a basket when it's all on the line?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Our next installment of rankings from, "Who do you want taking the last shot for the Memphis Grizzlies?"

I thought this would be a really interesting list considering that the Grizzlies don't have the typical-superstar-go-to-player for those end game scenarios. The Grizzlies have a number of different players that can qualify, but if we disregard specific teams and matchups and consider things in a general sense, who has the best set of skills to hit a last second shot for the Grizzlies to tie or win a game?

Some things to consider when sorting through the top 10 here: ability to create own shot, shooting percentage, ability to draw fouls, clutch-focus and their general history with last second shots.

Who Should Take the Last Shot for the Memphis Grizzlies?