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Grizzlies most likely to run for the Mayor of Memphis

Which Memphis Grizzlies' player is most likely to run for Mayor of Memphis one day?

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

We're going silly this week. Which of these players is most likely to run and subsequently win the race for Mayor of Memphis. This funny part about this question is that the top ranked player actually, seriously has a legitimate chance of being Memphis' mayor one day.

  • When thinking about a potential mayoral candidate there are many characteristics to consider.
  • What does this person look like in a suit?
  • How well do they know Memphis?
  • How eager are they to please Memphis?
  • Would they be able to inspire Memphians?
  • How many relatives do they have working at MLGW?
  • How hot is their spouse?

There could actually be additional qualities you'd want in a Memphis mayor, but I highly doubt it. These players are already competing with the likes of Prince Mongo and Jerry Lawler; I think it's pretty clear what Memphians look for in a leader.

Although my tongue is firmly stuck into the side of my cheek, the alarming reality is that someone on this roster would not only be a major upgrade to our usual pool of candidates but also has better than 50% of actually winning someday.

Memphis Grizzlies most like to run for Mayor of Memphis