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Game Recap: Grizzlies step out of the mud and into quicksand against the Nets

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It's not often that I get to experience such a degree of shame and embarrassment twice in one sporting event, but that's where I found myself last night after the Grizzlies were finally euthanized in Brooklyn.

It was a lovely punch-drunk feeling when Memphis was down 26-5 less than nine minutes into the game. All I could do was laugh, but I figured the percentages would catch up and the Grizzlies would do what they always seem to do under those circumstances: fight back.

Fight they did. It wasn't long before the score and game completely changed complexions and saw the Griz pull within (4) points of the Nets in the 2nd quarter. If I had known what was going to happen the rest of the game I would definitely have savored that moment much more than I did. The Grizzlies went into halftime down a gracious 10 points after scoring 7 in the last minute of play, and that was the last realistically optimistic moment of the game for Memphis fans.

After overcoming a 21-point first quarter deficit the Grizzlies sunk themselves deep into the muck of a 28-point deficit at nearly the exact same time stamp during the third quarter. Outside of some valiant efforts from James Johnson and Jon Leuer that managed to tease my psyche into drudging through consciousness long enough to finish this game, Memphis would never look competitive or desirous of victory again.

We'll look to bring you some analysis of bigger-picture issues later today and tomorrow, but for now let's examine the catastrophe by our little numerical friends who scarcely lie to us.

The Good

  • Seventy (70) points off the bench
  • 40% from three point land
  • 80% from the charity stripe
  • 12 points a piece from Jon Leuer and James Johnson in the 4th Q

The Bad

  • The bench had an impressive 8 steals but gave up a disappointing 12 turnovers
  • Grizzlies allow Nets to shoot 57.7% from behind the arc
  • Grizzlies allow 29 pts off turnovers and only score 38 pts in the paint

The Majestically Hideous

  • Twenty-four (24) points from the starters
  • Mike Conley shoots 0-8 and finishes with 2 pts and 6 turnovers
  • Davis, Miller and Prince comprised 19% of the Grizzlies total minutes and scored zero (0) points

Looking ahead

  • Let's hope that Zach Randolph recovers much faster from his case of the flu than I did, the Grizzlies look lost without him - perhaps moreso than they did without Conley or Gasol.
  • Tayshaun follows up a 21 pt game with another goose egg. I can't take much more of this. He's like one of those pressurized cans of snack cheese that's on its last leg - every now and then something might splatter out, but for the most part it's just shooting blanks.
  • I'm not reading too much into Conley's struggles just yet. He had a few poor games after he came back from his thigh contusion earlier in the season. I expect him to level out and find consistency again, although it'd make things far easier for the Grizzlies if he could return to pre-ankle-injury form.
  • I know Ed Davis has ability and certain elite skills, but unless we're planning on him blocking five shots a minute I can't see any reason to play him over Jon Leuer. The Leuertenant seems to always be good for double digit scoring on 50%+ shooting if he gets more than 20 minutes of PT.
  • Okay, I had to look it up. Jon Leuer has played 20+ minutes in (14) games this season. Of those (14) games he has scored in double digits and shot 50% or better in (12) of them, and the two games he failed to reach that mark occurred back in November when he first started garnering significant playing time during Gasol's injury.