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Grizzly Bear Blues Live Announces Audible Sponsorship and St. Jude Donation!

Tonight's episode of GBBLive will be the first to be sponsored by, and every person who signs up for the service is not only getting a great audiobook service! You're also supporting one of the best causes out there.

The Brothers Gasol are two of St. Jude's biggest supporters
The Brothers Gasol are two of St. Jude's biggest supporters
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports


Grizzly Bear Blues Live is excited to announce our first sponsor! is a consumer service owned by and provides over 150,000 audiobooks for download. These verbal versions of your favorite books bring the words to life and allow for you to enjoy the scenery or company around you while still engaging in the story. Simply go to and sign up for the service, which has the option of being either a monthly payment for book credits or a pay per book service.

Even more exciting than the sponsorship announcement is what we at GBBLive have decided to do with the funds that are raised.

One of the most amazing things about Memphis is a facility that helps families deal with one of the worst situations imaginable.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's mission is to help children with cancer or other life-threatening ailments get well through research and treatments. This is a noble cause in and of itself, but the remarkable thing about St. Jude is they never ask for any form of payment; no family ever pays St. Jude for anything. Ever. Not housing, not medical bills. The only concern is enabling the child and their family to get well and move on with their lives.

St. Jude has many national supporters, be it celebrities or NBA teams. The hometown Grizzlies are some of the biggest backers of St. Jude, whether it is through the annual Grizz Gala, the Memphis Grizzlies House or other fundraisers in the city and abroad.

GBBLive wants to get in on the act, so for every user who signs up for Audible using this URL a donation will be made to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. GBBLive is a labor of love, and we want to pay forward the love you all show our program and site to those who could use it the most.

So, listen tonight at 9 PM as Joe Mullinax welcomes Cam Rose and Joshua Red Coleman to the program! Sign up for the Audible free trial Here and support GBBLive, a great company and an even better cause!

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