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Memphis Grizzlies Daily Playoff Standings

Your daily update on the Grizzlies playoff hopes.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Western Standings

Oklahoma City Thunder 62 46-16 .742
San Antonio Spurs 61 45-16 .738
Houston Rockets 61 42-19 .689
Los Angeles Clippers 63 43-20 .683
Portland Trail Blazers 61 42-19 .689
Golden State Warriors 62 38-24 .613
Phoenix Suns 61 36-25 .590
Dallas Mavericks 62 36-26 .581
Memphis Grizzlies 60 34-26 .567
Minnesota Timberwolves 60 30-30 .500
Denver Nuggets 60 26-34 .433
New Orleans Pelicans 61 24-37 .393
Sacramento Kings 61 22-39 .361
Utah Jazz 61 21-40 .344
Los Angeles Lakers 62 21-41 .339

The Grizzlies are still a full game out of the picture, but could make up some ground with a win tonight. They'll have a very physical contest with the Bulls and need to utilize as much of their brains as possible so they can rest their braun for a home game in Memphis against the Bobcats tomorrow. Easier said then done, eh? The Grizzlies are making a steady habit out of taking on large, early point deficits that require massive amounts of energy and effort to combat - somewhere along the line they've got to start finding some easy wins.

Previews of games that will affect the Grizzlies playoff hopes tonight:

Dallas Mavericks vs Portland Trailblazers from Mavs Moneyball

Golden State Warriors vs Atlanta Hawks from Golden State of Mind

Recaps of games that affected the Grizzlies playoff hopes last night:

Final Score: Phoenix Suns roll over Thunder in second half, win wild one 128-122

The Suns came out tight, but eventually loosened up thanks to Gerald Green's career high 41 and Goran Dragic and Markieff Morris' dagger scores at the end to ice it.