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Memphis Grizzlies hire Lionel Hollins as motivational consultant and press conference director.

Shocking news in Bluff City today. Has Grizzlies' ownership made up with the vitriolic Lionel Hollins?


I hope all of you Lionelites are happy now. You have your wish now granted, at least in some form or another.


Apparently the Grizzlies FO is worried about Dave Joerger's ability to motivate the team in spite of their 23-10 record since January 24th, 2014. Jason Levien couldn't be reached for comment on record, but word coming out of FedexForum is that the Grizzlies were looking for more "fear of God" as they move towards the final stretch of the season.

Once you examine the history of the situation here, it's actually a pretty safe call. Joerger obviously has no clue how to interact with professional basketball players. I mean, just look at how he totally loses control of the situation in this clip from last season.


That's just ridiculous. Look at how he totally derails Hollins' attempt to motivate Jerryd Bayless. What was Joerger thinking here? Lionel obviously had a deep, real connection with Bayless that got the most out of him as a player. Just listen to Hollins speak about that relationship during the WCF last year.

It's just a relief to know that the Grizzlies media directors can admit a mistake when it's made. Joerger's cordial and respectful approach to press conferences has given Memphis media fits this season as they are spoken to like an actual human being with thoughts and feelings.

But the people who really come out on top through all of this are GBB's readers, who are now knee-deep in the hoodwinking of April Fool's Day 2014, i.e., none of what you have read on this page is true in any way. They's jokes, mayne.