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Memphis Grizzlies hire fashion coordinator for coach Dave Joerger

The foibles of Coach Joerger and his threads are well documented on this website. Apparently Griz public relations has had enough and gone out to hire GBB's very own Ryan Hoover as fashion coordinator to help repair the damage done to Dave's reputation. Hoover has stated his goal is to give Joerger a cleaner, more concise prêt-à-porter look with a heavy emphasis on Dave's favorite, Dolce & Gabbana.

For years the rumor in Memphis has been that Dave Joerger experienced a sort of psychological backlash from a very lavish dive into metrosexuality in his late 20's. Some have even speculated that Joerger single-handedly brought the Eurotrash movement to Memphis and was one of the first people in Shelby County to sport frosted tips in the 1990's.

Happy April Fool's everyone! None of this is true and Dave Joerger is a stand-up gentlemen who is a great asset to Memphis and Shelby County!