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Grind Prophecies: Memphis Grizzlies at Phoenix Suns

We're just nail biting all around these days!

Jennifer Stewart - USA TODAY Sports

April 2014 Leaderboard

  1. robdjq - 19 pts
  2. AlonsoDWC - 16 pts
  3. kydash - 15 pts
  4. Kwhittington - 12 pts
  5. swifferhouse - 10 pts


You may have noticed you can't comment on this post this time, that's because you'll need to email me your predictions so we keep everything nice and square. After the game has started I will reopen the comments and post one myself with everyone's predictions for the game.

Send your Grind Prophecies predictions to before tipoff of the game tonight.

Faulkner's Bold Predictions for the Game

  • ZBo has another 15+ point quarter
  • Marc shoots 8+ free throws
  • Joerger makes a masterful call at some point in the 2nd half

April '14 Grind Prophecies Scoreboard

  1. Game Score and Winner (correct predictions receive 3 points, if no correct predictions, 2 point awarded to member(s) with closest differential)
  2. The Grindmaster (3 points awarded to correct predictions; if Grindmaster title is split between 2 or more players, 2 points go to each member who predicted one of those players)
  3. Total combined personal fouls committed by Mike Conley and Goran Dragic (3 points awarded to correct predictions; 2 points awarded to the member(s) with the closest differential)
  4. Who will be the last Memphis Grizzly to make a 3-point shot from behind the arc? (3 points awarded to correct predictions)
  5. *Optional Wager Question* True or False: The Grizzlies will finish with more fast break points than the Suns (3 points awarded for correct predictions, 2 points deducted for incorrect predictions)

April 2014 Grind Prophecies Rules