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Memphis Grizzlies secure a playoff spot in the Western Conference with a win over the Phoenix Suns

The Memphis Grizzlies have made the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year, a franchise record.

Christian Petersen

Grizzlies 97 - Suns 91

I guess we don't bluff after all. The Grizzlies toyed around with the Suns for a solid 45 minutes and then decided they had the larger sum of gumption, knocking off the Phoenix Suns, in this particular game and from NBA Playoff contention, with a score of 97 to 91.

Zach Randolph summoned an early incarnation of his playoff-being tonight and gave the Grizzlies a solid go-to player to feed the offense throughout the game. Mike Conley came up with some HUGE plays down the stretch, plays that were essential to extinguishing the torrid fire the Suns were trying to summon for their playoff lives. It was the fight we all expected, a fight that left many players with honorable stats and broken hearts.

This was a tough win for Memphis seeing as how it was their final back-to-back of the season, a long and eventful season for 2013-14. The combined efforts of this team, many of which can be attributed to the Three Grizzly Kings and the amazing endurance of Mike Miller, the Grizzly Rook, if you will, have earned the Memphis Grizzlies a 4th consecutive playoff appearance. That accomplishment alone is worth drinking yourselves into the gentle night of April 14th (or 15th now at this point).

The best part is that this story, the story of the regular season, is still unfinished and waiting for proper pensmanship. The Grizzlies now own at least the 8th seed and matchup with the San Antonio Spurs, but a win on Wednesday vs. the Mavericks would catapult them into the 7th seed and a much more favorable matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Memphis has won 13 consecutive games inside FedexForum heading into Wednesday night.

Grind Forth you Crazy People.

We're in!!!!