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Come out all ye GBB Lurkers! Let's make Grizzly Bear Blues the place to be for the 2013-14 NBA Playoffs!

A welcome note to all the new readers coming through for the NBA Playoffs, and a bid to open combat for all of you faithful readers that lurk through the grind!

I've talked about this before, either in emails to the GBB staff, in comments here on the site or in an actual post (it's been a long season, forgive me) but there is a rule of thumb when it comes to internet culture that says around 90% of any given internet community exists in a "lurking" mode. That is to say, a vast majority of the users only consume (reading articles or voting on polls) the material for the community while somewhere around 1% actively create new material (our staff articles, my nonsense and FanPosts) and the other 9% exist as contributors (comments and the discussions in our threads) - not to be confused with the "contributor" role on our GBB Staff.

What does that have to do with you? Well, odds are good that if you're reading this article you've probably been here before, and odds are good that you're a Memphis Grizzlies fan or enthusiast who is pretty stoked about our boys clinching a playoff spot last night.

I want you to release that enthusiasm here on Grizzly Bear Blues.

I'd love to see some of our lurker population make the shift to the contributing population as we head into the upcoming weeks of April and May that will be filled with intense excitement. As a staff and site, we need your thoughts and comments in our comment threads! We want to hear your predictions and questions about the Grizzlies. Let's get discussions going and get people talking!

Don't be shy. No one here bites too hard, and I actively enforce our Community Guidelines to keep everything safe and copacetic on GBB. Just about everyone here on staff was a GBB commenter at one point, including yours truly, and I have always found it a great place to vent frustrations or relish in the good times. (like now!)

If you don't have an SB Nation account yet, please give it some consideration here today. It's really simple to link up with your Facebook or Twitter account, or you can just make a SB Nation username separate from any social media account. It's like all the other websites where you make an account - you just need an email address and a couple of minutes.