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Wojnarowski: Memphis Grizzlies backup PG Nick Calathes to be suspended 20 games for violating NBA's Anti-Drug Policy

Well, yeah ... duh, of course.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Just when things had been fairly normal around these parts for a month or two ... BAM. The Woj is reporting that Nick Calathes will be suspended 20 games for testing positive for Tamoxifen; one could speculate he was taking it for masking the effects of HGH usage or that he has an enlarged breast problem, whatever it is the Grizzlies are probably riding into the playoffs without a viable back up point gu-OHWAIT the Grizzlies signed Beno Udrih a while back and we don't have to bring Agent Zero back over from China.

I think we'll be okay. It's not as if this is one of the Big 3 or Mike Miller. What's unfortunate is this likely puts Calathes on the couch for the entirety of the playoffs and/or into next season. Why Nicky Baskets? What was possibly going on to make you turn to Tamoxifen. I offered some medical insight on Twitter:

Honestly though, this is frustrating. The 2013-14 season for the Memphis Grizzlies has been baptism by chaos. How does one of the literal last people you'd ever expect to test positive for a banned drug get slapped with a 20-gamer the day before the playoffs start?

Grind On. Nothing to see here.