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Memphis Grizzlies Smashed, Stomped, Trampled by Minnesota Timberwolves 102-88

Memphis Grizzlies played bad and lost. My creative will has been sapped.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports


The Grizzlies, (supposedly) in a desperate push to make the playoffs, came out flatter than my front left tire and let the lottery-bound Minnesota Timberwolves, who literally have nothing to play for, run them out of the Target Center.

Kevin Love notched a triple double and Kevin Martin added 21, but the Wolves could have mailed this one in and won against the worse-than-lethargic Grizzlies.

Dave Joerger should face some hard questions after tonight about his in-game lineup decisions. The Grizz starters, who seemed completely disengaged all night, let the game get out of hand in the second quarter and Joerger played them for 14 minutes of the third quarter, essentially sealing the game for Minnesota. Corey Brewer beat Tayshaun Prince down the floor not once, not twice, but FOUR times for easy Love-outlet-pass assisted layups. Playing offense against the Grizz should be like driving in rush hour traffic. For the T-wolves tonight, it was a leisurely Sunday cruise.

The bench (James Johnson and Tony Allen especially) gave it a good effort to start the fourth, pulling a 16-point game to within 7, before the starters returned and, frankly, undid all the work. Corey Brewer blocked a Kosta Koufos dunk in the final minute to encapsulate the game rather nicely, which ended 102-88.