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NBA Playoffs 2014 - & GBB Watch Party for Grizzlies at Thunder Game 5 on 4-29-14

Let's try this again, shall we?

We had a superb turnout for the first Watch Party hosted by 3SOB and GBB, so we've arranged to do it all again with even more bells and whistles! We'll update you all once they finally announce the start time for Game 5, but I'll tell you this... get there early! The Grizzlies made the last Watch Party a tough first half watch, but I expect our G-Bears to give us a lot more bonding moments on this next go-round.

We'll be giving away Grizzlies merch, 3SOB gear and even some tickets to the Beale St. Music Festival! Bring your faces and hang out with some of the best folk around Memphis, TN.

(Shout out to our own Trisity Miller for once again making a great flyer for the occasion.)


SB Nation 2014 NBA Playoff Bracket