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Memphis Grizzlies Daily Playoff Standings

Your daily update on our Griz hopefuls.

You're gonna have to do more than clap, Dave.
You're gonna have to do more than clap, Dave.
Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Spo
1.San Antonio 
59 16 .787 - 10-0 WON 19
2. Oklahoma City 
54 19 .740 4 8-2 WON 2
3. LA Clippers 
54 22 .711 5.5 8-2 WON 4
4. Houston 49 25 .662 9.5 5-5 LOST 3
5. Portland 
49 27 .645 10.5 6-4 WON 4
6. Golden State 
46 29 .613 13 5-5 LOST 1
7. Dallas
44 31 .587 15 6-4 LOST 1 
44 31 .587 15
6-4 LOST 1
-  Phoenix
44 31 .587 15 7-3 LOST 2

Current Standings - 8th in Western Conference

  • Games back from leader- 15
  • Games ahead of Phoenix- tied (Memphis owns tiebreaker)
  • Games back from Dallas- tied (Dallas owns tiebreaker)
  • Games back from Golden State- 2
  • Games back from Portland- 3.5
  • Expression on face- thankfully you can't see it behind the beard today

Reasons to be optimistic: Phoenix lost and still has a couple of tough games coming up. As long as we can keep stride with them we'll be in the playoffs. Another reason, last night is officially in the past as far as space-time is concerned.

Care Bears: The Grizzlies should be nearly ashamed of themselves after last night in Minny. A team whose cornerstone is inscribed with "Grit'n'Grind" shouldn't be putting something like that on the court at this time of year, under these circumstances. Is is the players not giving the effort or the coach not putting them in a position to be able to play their best? As in most cases where I ask a question like that, it's probably a combination of both. Maybe Joerger should try shoving someone into the bench ... seemed to fire up some people last year.

Forecast: Well, you assume we have a good chance of beating the Nuggets at home tomorrow, but I'm surely still feeling like an ass for assuming whatever it was I assumed about the Grizzlies last night before they played. The good news for tonight is that the Grizzlies can't momentarily fall out of the playoffs again .. which is good for our day-to-day pride and mood, I suppose. If Dallas should lose to the Clippers tonight, which is quite likely, Memphis would get bumped up to the 7th seed for another day or two.

Recaps of games that affected the Grizzlies Wednesday night:

Golden State Warriors 90 @ San Antonio Spurs 111 - Everyone saw this loss coming a mile away

Final Score: Phoenix Suns lose heartbreaker to Los Angeles Clippers, 112-108

Previews of games that will affect the Grizzlies Thursday night:

Dallas Mavericks at Los Angeles Clippers