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Memphis Grizzlies dwindling chances at 5th seed in the Western Conference

And I mean dwindling reaaally fast.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not going to recommend you putting a ton of faith in the Grizzlies pulling off a fifth seeding in the playoffs, but here is some the math relevant to that slim possibility. The Grizzlies would not be able to lose more than 2 games, and the table below will show you the best possible record that the other four teams could finish with for Memphis to sneak into the #5 slot.

I'll try and get a table up for the more conceivable 6th seed tomorrow, which will hopefully become more accessible after the Mavericks lose to the Clippers tonight.

Requirements for Memphis Grizzlies making 5th seed in the West
Grizzlies Final Record Memphis' required record Mavericks' max record Phoenix max record

Portland max record

Golden State max record
51-31 7-0 finish 6-1 finish 7-0 finish 2-4 finish 4-3 finish
50-32 6-1 finish 5-2 finish 6-1 finish 1-5 finish 3-4 finish
49-32 5-2 finish 4-3 finish 5-2 finish 0-6 finish 2-5 finish