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GBBLive with Matt Hrdlicka and's Matt Moore Available for Download

Just like the Memphis Grizzlies, GBBLive had to deal with some adversity recently. Through some technical difficulties the show carried on and had great input from our guests Matt Hrdlicka and Matt Moore.

Coach Dave Joerger was a major topic of conversation on the most recent GBBLive!
Coach Dave Joerger was a major topic of conversation on the most recent GBBLive!
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Sometimes, when technology gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade. Or something like that.

GBBLive last night ran into some walls of adversity, but the show went on and it went well. Chris Faulkner did a great job in a condensed version of "Grizzly Bear News" covering the week that was on our wonderful site. Be sure to participate in "Grind Prophecies" and also be on the look out for the weekly ranker columns.

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Matt Hrdlicka then joined the show and explained his thought process about his awesome write-up for the week in which he argued that the Grizzlies should build their roster internationally. It would be a great use of the resources at the disposal of Memphis, and there is no better place to find "diamonds in the rough" than in Europe and beyond.

Finally, Matt Moore, NBA Writer for and legendary tweeter from @HPBasketball came on the program and his energy and passion for the Association really shined through. He also loves the Grizzlies, and offered a unique perspective on whether or not the season is a success. He also predicted a 2-1 record for the Grizzlies over the next 3 games, meaning that Memphis will either defeat the Spurs or Heat.

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