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2014 NBA Mock Draft for the Memphis Grizzlies, K.J. McDaniels, SF, Clemson

The time has come to start looking at the players the Grizzlies could have on their radars come next month.

Jeff Zelevansky

Mike Chiari over at the Bleacher Report released his "Wisest 1st Round Selections" mock draft for the 2014 NBA Draft earlier today. Here's who he has the Memphis Grizzlies selecting:

22. Memphis Grizzlies: K.J. McDaniels, SF, Clemson

The Grizzlies absolutely must start supplementing their dominant presence up front with backcourt and wing players who can score. McDaniels took huge strides forward this past season at Clemson, and he is definitely on the rise.

McDaniels definitely has the athleticism the Grizzlies are looking for at the small forward position - just take a look at the dunk reel below. I know James Johnson is incredibly athletic, but McDaniels has a more natural body for playing basketball (specifically the wing). Grizzlies fans will groan as soon as they read or see video about him developing his shooting skills, but there are encouraging signs surrounding that aspect of McDaniels' game, specifically his 84.2% from the FT line and his 41% from three with his feet set this past season at Clemson.

K.J. definitely needs to work on his ball handling; I think we all saw enough sloppy dribbling from the Rudy Gay days, but we also haven't seen this level of explosiveness at the 3spot since those Rudy Gay days. The biggest difference here would be the multi-million dollars in savings for the Grizzlies.

On the other end we're looking at a prospect who projects as a possible lock down defender in the NBA. While his basketball IQ would be a definite downgrade from Tayshaun Prince, McDaniels has a complete defensive game and excels at defensive playmaking. If we can upgrade our wing scoring without having a noticeable defensive drop-off, I'll be a very happy camper next season (and I don't particularly enjoy camping).

I'm still doing my research on the possible wing players that could be available to Memphis at #22, but I'd give this pick a thumbs up.