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Mike Miller and Zach Randolph make the All Time Nonathletic Starting Five at

#The Starters at ranked their top 5 nonathletic players at each position. Two current Memphis Grizzlies make the roster.

Ronald Martinez
All Time Nonathletic Starting Five from

  • Point Guard - Andre Miller
  • Shooting Guard - Mike Miller
  • Small Forward - Glen Rice
  • Power Forward - Zach Randolph
  • Center - Peter John Ramos

If I had told you a white guy from Memphis made this starting five I'm betting you would have guessed Marc Gasol which is exactly what I would have guessed. Nevertheless we have Mike Miller claiming the best Nonathletic 2-guard and Marc Gasol missing out on the center position because the guys at #The Starters thought they'd be funny with the PJR pick. Hamed Haddadi also would have been a funny faux pick and played along with the Grizzlies theme.

You can check out the full video over here.