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Memphis Grizzlies NBA Mock Draft Report 2.0: Grizzlies Take Hairston, Robinson III

In the wake of the craziness that has been the past 48 hours in Memphis, attention turned back to the Draft Tuesday night as ping pong balls determined the fate of the 14 teams who missed the playoffs this season. Now that the dust has settled, who do several media outlets have the Grizzlies selecting at 22 (if they stay there)?

Could Glenn Robinson III be trading in the Maize and Blue for Beale Street Blue?
Could Glenn Robinson III be trading in the Maize and Blue for Beale Street Blue?
Andy Lyons

Exit Jason Levien and Stu Lash, enter Chris Wallace and solidified mock drafts after the NBA Lottery from Tuesday night resulted in the Cleveland Cavaliers as an act of apology for "The Decision" from the Association snagged their 3rd first overall pick in 4 seasons. (Editor's note: I'm guessing math does not side with the NBA's natural selection on that one.)

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Now that the order that players will be taken in is in stone from 1-14 (until the likely draft night trade blows it up again), mock drafts have a bit more validity in terms of teams draft needs. Over the next few weeks, the great Andrew Ford and I will be taking deeper looks at the NBA Draft and potential prospects that may fall in to the Grizzlies' wheel house. Chris Faulkner did a awesome job starting off our look at these folks with a mock draft look at K.J. McDaniels, and that series continues with a look at several mocks post NBA Draft Lottery. We start with the homeland:

SB Nation: P.J. Hairston, SG, Texas Legends, NBA D-League

Here is what the national page had to say on the matter, which you can read in its entirety here.

Memphis is always looking for more shooting, and the story won't be any different even with Courtney Lee in tow and Quincy Pondexter returning from injury. With Mike Miller set to become a free agent, Hairston seems like a logical selection. He could become a three-and-D wing with a certain amount of toughness the Grizzlies seem to love.

After jacking up nearly eight three-pointers per game in the D-League last season and making them at a 35.8 percent clip, there's no doubting Hairston's ability to fire from the perimeter.

The former North Carolina Tar Heel comes with baggage; he was suspended for the entire 2013-2014 season due to receiving improper benefits, rental cars in particular. He decided to play in the NBA D-League, however, and turned a tough situation into setting the world on fire. He scored 30+ points multiple times and averaged 22 points per game on 45% shooting overall with 36% shooting from 3 point land (on 8 shots) and 87% free throw shooting. He got to the line 5.6 times a game, showing an ability to attack the rim and also create for himself. Here are highlights from a 45 point performance against the Reno Bighorns.

Simply put, the kid can score the rock. He can also defend (averaged 1.5 steals per game in the D-League.) The SB Nation mock states, and my good buddy Charlie who is a huge UNC fan confirmed, that his toughness would fit in well in Memphis. However, the Grizzlies are already loaded down at the SG position between Quincy Pondexter, Tony Allen, Jamaal Franklin and Courtney Lee. A selection of Hairston would possibly mean parting ways with one or both of those players.

The scoring on the wing is sorely needed however, and Hairston certainly would help in that area without compromising on the defensive end. Glenn Robinson III, SF, University of Michigan

The 6'7" wing from Ann Arbor certainly has the NBA bloodline thing going for him. He also is a better athlete than his Pops was and can get to the rim very effectively. He also was a part of successful teams at Michigan and efficiently scored the basketball inside the three point line. He also seems to have a good head on his shoulders and is committed to improving his game.

Unfortunately, his skills from range are questionable. He shot 31% from three at Michigan this season, which can be improved upon but on a team like Memphis that ability to score from range is necessary now. While he scores the ball well, he according to can tend to be "content to play a secondary role" (which he references as a point of emphasis in this video clip.)

Robinson also appears to have a flare for the dramatic, as is apparent by his game winning shot in overtime against his Dad's Alma Mater Purdue from this past season.

As far as weaknesses, GRIII is not great at getting to the free throw line, getting to the line 3 times a game in 32 minutes per game. The Grizzlies need wings who can create for themselves in a variety of ways, including from the line, and this weakness in his game creates concern. He is not as explosive as Hairston offensively or defensively, but he is not a question mark like Hairston is and is more suited to play at a position of need for the Grizzlies, Small Forward.

Either of these choices would fill a need to an extent, but how much, and how soon? Memphis needs help now, and in a bigger role to lighten the load for the "Three Grizzly Kings." Whether or not Hairston or Robinson can fill that need is up in the air, to say the least.