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Joe Mullinax of Grizzly Bear Blues appearing on TrueHoop TV's After Dark with Amin Elhassan at 9:00 PM CT on Thursday

Amin & Joe Part Deux

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

After appearing on GBBLive with Joe Mullinax a couple of weeks ago and contributing to what was a fantastic episode, Amin Elhassan of has invited Joe to appear on the TrueHoop TV After Dark show tonight at 9:00 PM CT.

I can't imagine what they might possibly have to talk about in relation to the Grizzlies, but I suppose they'll manage to muddle through some draft previews and roster ideas. They might even throw out a few words about that rumor we heard about Robert Pera wanting to make some changes this summer. Haha, that Pera.... always cooking up something.

Seriously, everyone needs to check out the show tonight and see what Amin and Joe can make of the perplexing scenario the Grizzlies find themselves in after turning their figurative snow globe upside down and then smashing it against someone's head like that scene from Unfaithful.

Check it out over here at 9:00PM CT tonight.