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A plea of hope from the desperate mind of a delusional Memphis Grizzlies fan

Take my hand as we release our fates into the hands of Robert Pera.


As we attempt to trample through the quicksand that is the current state of the Memphis Grizzlies, I seek comfort in the most optimistic realms of my imagination. I consider that if life can manifest in the deepest trenches of the ocean, without any trace of sunlight, and thrive in a bustling glory that's all but hidden from the conventional eyes of humanity, then surely there can be a seed of life incubating like a hatching Phoenix nestled amongst the charred corpse of the Memphis Grizzlies Front Office.

The evidential subject of my analogy actually exists while the hopeful translation of the analogy is fragile, like an early-morning-REM-cycle dream that is all too real but only a dripping sink faucet away from evaporating back into reality.

All cheerleading aside, it's bad. There's nothing reasonably positive to take away from the past five days aside from the revolutionist idea that it should have all been blown up.

But in spite of discussions, including my own admission, that this is a (figurative) nuclear-level catastrophe, the bomb hasn't technically gone off yet. Or maybe a more accurate phrasing is that the blast hasn't disinegrated our flesh just yet.

The news of this week definitely signaled innihilation for the foreseeable future, but FedexForum is still standing (it's not on fire, as aptly described by interim GM Chris Wallace), the Memphis Grizzlies have not yet lost a game since this implosion and there isn't a hint of player discontent even though it came as a surprise to everyone on the roster. In fact, regardless of the cynical spin you can place on it, Tony Allen tweeted out his support of Robert Pera just yesterday.

Caution: this particular optimistic metaphor also presents the possibility of denying the existence of an oncoming shockwave, only to break your gaze from the stir of your morning coffee and look out the window as we're all being vaporized.

But there's hope. There is still the chance, as we stand on our exhausted feet and look up to the fiery heavens while vast reserves of cosmic hellfire wait to be unleashed on Memphis, TN, that Robert Pera is able to summon the sultry incarnate spirit of a mid 90's Milla Jovovich and possess the Fifth Element of earth to repel the doom that is ominously staring down the throats of Grizzlies humanity.

I can't promise I'll be around after a possible Armageddon to try and make sense of the carnage, but until then ....

ride with me.